Yaesu FT-290 / FT-690 / FT-790 OLED replacement screen. Installation guide

If you have ordered the OLED screen you may need this little guide to install it inside your favorite rig. In this guide FT-290 is taken as an example, for other models refer to the corresponding Yaesu manual.

The installation itself is not difficult at takes around 1 hour with a coffee break.

FT-290. Top view

All procedures can be split into these steps:

  1. Before taking your screwdriver check the OLED. Connect it to +12V power supply (see image in one of the steps below). Welcome screen should appear.
  2. Remove top, bottom and side parts of the FT-290 case.
  3. Remove all front panel knobs by simply pulling them. Also unscrew rotary elements behind knobs.
  4. Gently pull on front panel. Control board and keyboard are hold together by a couple of bolts and form a sandwich which we need to separate.
  5. Once done, we gain the access to the display unit. Unplug it from the keyboard unit (9 pin connector).
  6. Desolder red and black wires from the original (old and ugly) display. These two wires serves as a +12V source and power supply the backlight of the S meter. We need them to power up the OLED module.
Original module connection
  1. Install the OLED module pcb in the place of the original pcb.
  2. Solder +12V from the step 5 to the OLED module. Please no mistakes here, +12V is going to Gray wire and the ground is the Orange wire (see photo).
OLED module connection
  1. Reinstall everything back.
  2. Last important thing, make sure the switch on the back side of the rig is in LAMP position.

Some pictures of the installation

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