Baofeng UV5R Comparison of the original antenna with a counterfeit on the NA-771


tags: Baofeng UV-5R, NA-771 Nagoya, comparison

Here I am comparing the SWR of the original antenna with that of the obviously counterfeit Nagoya NA-771 antenna.
As can be seen in fig.2 which concerns the original antenna, the latter has a good adaptation in the 2 meter band. In the 70 cm band it is out because its resonance arrives rather than expected, ie at 405 MHz. Around 450 MHz, the antenna is suitable for a ROS 3, which is not perfect, but usable. In fig.3, on the other hand, there is an antenna that cannot be used in the bands provided. In the band around 144 MHz, it has an S11 of -2 dB, and at 70 cm, it has an S11 of -1 dB. Despite the fact that the antenna costs only 3 euros on Amazon, it is still not good to sell antennas that do not work. In practice this manifests itself in permanent cuts with the UHF relay, things that do not happen with the original antenna in my case.

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